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Concrete Patio Cleaning on Big Creek Columbus Drive in Columbus, GA

Concrete patio cleaning on big creek columbus drive in columbus ga

On this project, our team of power washing professionals brought back to life this Columbus, GA concrete patio covered in mold, algae, and other environmental pollutants while using our go to cleaner, Enviro Bio Cleaner. They also used the tried and true Whisper Wash Surface Cleaner to bring back the color in the concrete. Often times small projects like this one allow you to regain your favorite sitting area on your property that you haven't been able to use. Another benefit to having your patios and driveways cleaned is our products also help to disinfect your concrete areas by using commercial grade products.

Estimated Budget: $75

Services Rendered:


Products Used: Enviro Bio Cleaner and Whisperwash Surface Cleaner

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