Residential services

Residential Services

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Transforming your home's exterior appeal is more than just a cosmetic enhancement. At Washed Away, we understand that our residential services play a crucial role in not only maintaining the beauty but also ensuring the longevity of your property. From window gleaming to driveway refreshing, our comprehensive range of services is designed to cater to every aspect of your home's outdoor needs. Dive in to discover how our specialized residential services can bring a renewed vibrancy to your sanctuary.
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House Washing

Transform your home's facade by removing unsightly dirt, mildew, and pollutants, revealing its true beauty and charm.

Roof Cleaning

Extend the life of your roof while restoring its pristine look, free from moss, algae, and stains.

Driveway & Sidewalks

Rejuvenate your walkways, eradicating built-up dirt and stubborn stains, creating a welcoming entrance.

Gutter Cleaning

Ensure efficient water flow and prevent potential damage by clearing out debris and clogs from your gutters.

Window Cleaning

Illuminate your home's interior with crystal-clear windows, providing an unobstructed view and a brighter living space.

Deck & Patio Cleaning

Revitalize your cherished outdoor spaces by expertly removing grime and wear to restore pristine beauty.

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Washed Away Residential Services

Uncovering the Details

Residential Services FAQs

Our house washing service is a comprehensive exterior cleaning that removes dirt, grime, algae, and other contaminants using safe and eco-friendly solutions to ensure a bright and renewed appearance.
Typically, we recommend having your roof cleaned every 2-3 years. However, this can vary based on your home’s location, surrounding environment, and the type of roofing material.
Our driveway and sidewalk cleaning methods are effective at removing most common stains, including oil. However, some deep-set or older stains might require specialized treatments.
Seal coating is primarily designed for asphalt driveways. It helps protect the asphalt, extends its life, and gives it a fresh, rejuvenated look. If you have a different type of driveway, we can recommend the best care and maintenance options.